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"Zulu" Signal Flag Sticker

"Zulu" Signal Flag Sticker

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Ahoy there! Need a tug, do ya? Well, our Die-Cut Zulu Stickers have got you covered – quite literally! Sporting the mischievous message of "I require a tug" in the language of seafaring signal flags, these stickers add a dash of cheekiness to any surface they grace.

Crafted with the finest vinyl and precision-cut for maximum impact, these stickers stick like barnacles to a hull. Stick 'em on your water bottle, laptop, or even your mate's hard hat – wherever you fancy spreading some maritime mirth!

Rain or shine, these stickers weather it all, just like a seasoned sailor. So why not deck out your gear with a touch of salty humor? Whether you're a landlubber looking to liven things up or a seasoned mariner in need of a chuckle, our Die-Cut Zulu Stickers are sure to float your boat. Get 'em now and let the laughter set sail!

  • Material: water-resistant vinyl
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy peel backing
  • Matte finish
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